Kenneth Kozielski

Customer Experience Executive Advisor, Fidelum Health, USA

Recognized among the Top 100 Global Leaders Across Every Industry Transforming Employee and Customer Experience in 2022 as "Ambient Experience 100 Honoree", Ken Kozielski is a trusted thought leader and frequent conference speaker on Customer Experience and Healthcare Innovation at events including NGPX, NRC National Symposium, The Frontline Industry Podcast, and more. Ken has over 25 years of experience in customer engagement across healthcare, hospitality and service sectors and a proven track record of activating evidence-based customer experiences and delivering transformative business outcomes. He has served as Vice President and Head of Customer Experience for Wyndham Destinations, the world's largest resort company, and Orlando Health, a $5B Healthcare System in Florida, USA. Today Ken is trusted by clients across all industries to follow a differentiated playbook for customer success by thinking differently, acting differently and measuring differently. Today, companies and the customers they serve are growing further apart from each other. Customers have evolved from goods and services into the “transformation economy”… the companies and products they participate with are more than ever a part of what defines and transforms their self-identity. What an amazing opportunity for commercial businesses to elevate their value proposition! Yet meanwhile, those same businesses, driven by economic pressures and the compulsion to maximize this quarter’s earnings report, are focused on the middle of their P&L, instead of focused on their own customers. As a result, they are commoditizing themselves, leaving unclaimed value on the table, and undermining trust and loyalty. Ken’s purpose is to close that gap by calling companies back to what made them great when they first started.