19-22 October 2020

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Empowering customer experience in the Middle East

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Customer Experience, Innovation, Leadership & Culture

About E3

The E3 digital conference will discuss how regional corporate and government institutions can transform their organisations with the customer agenda being a primary driving force.

  • • The conference will introduce new next practice ideas that are proven to be of high value but have not yet been mass adopted.
  • • We will be showcasing regional and international success stories.
  • • We will also be exploring how we can effectively learn from past mistakes and underperformance
  • • The conference discussions will be led by a carefully selected panel of experts with years of extensive knowledge and practice in Customer experience
  • The digital conference will explore new ideas, strategies and methods that will inspire Middle Eastern companies to advance and thrive as world-class pioneers in the rapidly evolving customer

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Sponsorship opportunities

The first of its kind forum in the Middle East which will feature over 30+ world class experts and thought leader who will be expanding on how businesses in the GCC and government organisations can take advantage of the rapidly evolving opportunities the customer agenda offers.

See top 6 benefits of sponsorship
  • 1. Generate new business through engaging with more than 300+ attendees to expand your network.
  • 2. Introduce new products and services to a targeted audience of industry professionals with significant purchasing power.
  • 3. Increase your international presence as you network with professionals from over 30+ countries.
  • 4. Gain a significant amount of digital and print brand exposure before, during, and after the event.
  • 5. Network directly with industry leaders and buyers via the event’s high-impact commercial opportunities that will strengthen your network within and beyond the region.
  • 6. Stay connected & top of mind as you share, gain and learn more about the current trends and insights into your target markets.

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Meet our professionals

  1. Picture of Charles Bennett

    Charles Bennett

    President, Customer Experience Service Association Middle East (CXSA)

    President of the Customer Experience and Service Association for the Middle East. Worked with companies such as Citibank, Nielsen and Microsoft to implement next practice customer experience strategies to compete and outperform competition.

    Picture of Ian Golding

    Ian Golding

    CEO and Founder, Customer Experience Consultancy, UK

    One of the most accomplished and experienced customer experienced trainers and advisors on customer experience change globally. Worked with more than 10,000 companies globally and across the GCC to help them define and implement customer strategies that work!

  2. Picture of Hussein Dajani

    Hussein Dajani

    General Manager - Customer Experience Transformation - Africa, Middle East, India, and Turkey - Nissan Motor Co

    Over the past few years, Hussein has worked with the likes of WPP and Publicis overseeing some of their largest regional clients (such as STC, Vodafone, Nokia, Visa and HSBC) and was fortunate enough to be recognized as a high potential leader by WPP being awarded the renowned WPP Young High Potential Leaders' Award from Sir Martin Sorrell himself, as well as receiving regional awards from the likes of Gulf Marketing Review, which identified him as one of the 40 top marketing professionals in the region, and being voted by the Huffington Post as among the 10 people changing the marcomm landscape in the MENA region. Since working on the agency side, Hussein has transitioned to client side and worked with some fantastic brands in senior leadership roles (as detailed below). Hussein's core expertise lies in the Digital Marketing and Tech space, evolving over the years from a pure player marketeer. Starting his career with some of the worlds' greatest communication companies, today Hussein is the GM for Digital and CX Transformation with Nissan Motor Co. for Africa, Middle East, India and Turkey overseeing some of the most dramatic customer transformations the company has had to go through in recent times.

    Picture of Dr Tahir Hussain

    Dr Tahir Hussain

    Chief of Strategy and Transformation C1, Ministry of Health, KSA

    Healthcare industry leader with successful, & diversified experience of growing businesses, product & services brands and teams, developing & managing large Ops, new ventures, JVs, M&As & PPP in healthcare, pharmaceutical, healthcare consumer markets. Have led and managed large scale strategy and transformation programs, commercial ops, complex product & services portfolios, triple-line P&Ls and cross-functional teams. 22 years' of progressive & successful career in healthcare, pharma & healthcare consumer sectors across MENAP markets in cross-functional leadership roles. Have received numerous accolades including many new successful regional & global launches and achieving company and brand market leadership. Expert in leading large healthcare operational transformations with massive cost optimizations. Adept in dealing with the highest public offices, building global alliances & partnership and advising private sector corporate, owners and leaders.

  3. Picture of Diane Magers

    Diane Magers

    CEO, Experience Catalysts & Chairman Emeritus, Customer Experience Professionals Asssociation, USA

    Recent CEO of the Customer Experience Professional Association of global CX experts. Built and implemented highly successful customer strategies and roadmaps for numerous tier 1 corporates including AT&T Entertainment Group and Sysco.

    Picture of Mansour Al Dalaan

    Mansour Al Dalaan

    CEO at CCC

    Mansour is currently the Chief Executive Officer at Contact Center Company. He comes with over 26 years of successful track record. His experience pans across various functions including Business Management, IT & Telecom and Customer Experience. Mansour has been associated with CCC since 2011. Prior to CCC, Mansour was associated with Saudi Telecom (STC) from 2001 till 2011 in varies leadership roles. Since 2011, Mansour has been a key contributor for the significant growth of CCC since its inception. Mansour has been successful in growing the companys revenue from a modest beginning to over $130+ Million.
    Prior to STC, Mansour had worked with various organizations including Royal Saudi Air Force, International system Engineering etc.
    A Post-graduate in Computer Information System from Florida institute of technology, Florida, USA, Mansour has multiple professional training from well known & reputed business institutes across topics like Digital transformation, Leadership, Finance, Innovation and Creative thinking etc.


08:50 - 09:00
Welcome and introduction to E3 by the Conference Chairman
Jeremy Nicholas

Broadcaster and Host of The After Dinner Show

Charles Bennett

President & Founding Board Member, Customer Experience Service Association Middle East (CXSA)

09:00 - 09:30
Walking the Tightrope: Using VoC to Balance CX and Operations Metrics

Balancing the need for operational efficiency with the desire to deliver an exceptional customer experience is a tall order for all organizations and a tightrope act for CX departments. The unique circumstances of 2020 have made this balancing act even more precarious. Survival instincts can drive even the most customer-centric organizations to make short term financial decisions that have potential long-term ramifications to customer loyalty and retention.

More than ever before, VoC programs have an important role to play in illustrating the need for balancing the customer perspective with traditional operating metrics. But the power of the customer voice needs to be channeled in the right way to be heard above the operational clamor for efficiency, especially in a period of crisis. In this session, Raj Sivasubramanian will share some tactics on how VoC programs can help their organizations find the right balance to ensure that short term decisions are made with long term customer loyalty in mind.

Raj Sivasubramanian

Customer Experience Leader & VOC Program Manager at AirBnB

(This session can not be recorded)

9:30 - 10:10

Panel discussion: Energetic debate:
Should an organization be truly customer-centric?

Matt Watkinson
CEO & Co-founder Methodical, Board Advisor, Author 10 Principles behind Great Customer Experiences & The Grid

Qaalfa Dibeehi
Dean of the Customer Experience Leadership Institute (School of great moments) Majid al Futtaim

Steven Walden
Customer Experience & Continuous Improvement Manager, Motor Insurers' Bureau (MIB) UK,
CX Design, VOC and UX Insights expert
Author of Customer Experience Management Rebooted.

Adrian Swinscoe
Customer Experience & Service - Board Advisor, Forbes Contributor, Keynote Speaker & Author

Moderated by:

Charles Bennett
President & Founding Board Member, Customer Experience Service Association Middle East (CXSA)

10:10 - 10:35
Customer Journey Mapping

Explore the power of Customer Journey Maps in the context of current Digital Marketing strategies powered by Customer Data Platforms

Thomas Benaroya

Winnovate Program Lead, SAP

10:35 - 11:00
Keynote Address: Establishing the GCC as a global customer experience powerhouse

Copying CX models from other parts of the world is not the answer. Customer experience is a topic that has been a focus in Europe and the USA for more than a decade. Can the Middle East accelerate progress in this area to such a degree it can outperform Europe and USA? If yes, what should we do differently? This keynote delivered by one of the most experienced change practitioners in the GCC examines what are the opportunities? How can GCC companies become recognised as customer centricity leaders from a standing start and learn from the successes and failures of others? Companies in less developed markets than the Middle East are demonstrating incredible results in a very short time and beating the established players in every category. We will explore how GCC companies learn from this.

Craig Lee

CX Strategy & Transformation, Customer Experience Group

11:00 - 11:40
Healthcare Panel - 30 minutes
Dr Tahir Hussain

Patient Experience and MoH Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer - Ministry of Health C1 (KSA)

Muneera Al Sunaid

Customer Excellence Head - CCHI - Saudi Council for Cooperative Health Insurance

Hassan Mohammad

Chief Knowledge and Innovation Officer and Founding Board Member, CXSA Middle East

Louise Blunt

Head of Operations, PEN - Patient Experience Network

Moderated by
Ruth Evans, MBE - PEN, Patient Experience Network

Special Announcement - 15 minutes Dr Tahir Hussain, CXSA and PEN

11:40 - 12:20
The Leaders guide to Customer Experience

Customer experience has become a hot topic in business over the last few years. Customers are in control. We are told: we need to delight them or they will destroy us. It is no surprise then that businesses all over the world over have become obsessed with the notion of customer-centricity. They have created customer experience teams and endowed them with generous budgets. Some have even appointed Chief Customer Officers.
Yet many of these initiatives are not leading to improvements customers notice, many are not translating into tangible business results, and demonstrating a clear return on investment remains a major challenge. In this lively talk, Matt Watkinson, an internationally renowned author, speaker and consultant on customer experience and strategy, explains why reality is not living up to the promise, and what we can do about it.

Matt Watkinson

CEO & Co-founder Methodical, Board Advisor, Author 10 Principles behind Great Customer Experiences & The Grid

13:10 - 14:40
CX Technology and the Future of Work

VERINT - 90 minutes
The future of work: The Critical Building Blocks for succeeding in a post COVID-19 World

  • Thought Leadership pitch
  • Delegates able to take away new capability and skills, ideally
  • Highly interactive and participative
  • Detail of workshop to be supplied
David Hudson

Regional Director EMEA XM Solutions, Verint

Parallel Master Class Sessions
13:10 - 14:40
CX Assessment - 60 Minutes

Understanding the Status Quo as a basis for future improvements - the Role of Assessments in Customer Centricity

Most CX initiatives are launched to improve an organizations ability to create great customer experiences. But, in order to effectively improve, a solid qualitative and quantitative assessment of the status quo is required. The Customer Institute Customer Centricity Assessment is a comprehensive method to perform such an assessment. It is available to consultants and organizations around the globe to use. In this session you will learn:

  • How the Customer Institute Customer Centricity Assessment (CICCA) works
  • How consultants can use this methodology for their clients
  • How your B2B, B2C or public sector organization can use the CICCA without a consultants help
  • How the results of the assessment can lead to Customer Institute certification for the assessed organization
  • How do build a prioritized CX action plan based on the results of the assessment
Stefan Osthaus

President, Customer Institute, Germany

CX Operating Model

Setting up the CX-ready organization /operating model
A look at how executives needs to set up and align their People/skills, Process, governance, IT, and incentive structures to enable the CX excellence in their organizations.
This topic is more strategic and holistic and relevant to executives that want to build CX as true organizational capability not simply that of a traditional CX department. Organizations frequently forget that CX teams work in the broader organization and without the necessary organization-wide operating model the CX goals and objectives fall flat, even with the best CX experts onboard.
Key Topics:

  • Learn the importance of customer experience in the digital economy
  • Quantify the benefits of CX from a financial and customer perspective
  • Define the link between CX and your brand values and promise
  • Understand how to build a CX-ready organization: From a CX strategy to the operating model that delivers CX
  • Create the next generation CX operating model: Agile in the age of digital
  • Assess your CX readiness: the CX Maturity Mode
  • Get Started with CX: Your first pilot
  • Case study of a CX leader: Team project to review a real case study of a customer experience leader


  • A holistic understanding of the CX objectives, linkages with your brand and strategy, and building blocks of the CX operating model you need to have in place for success
  • An assessment of your own organization using the CX Maturity Model assessment tool with clear gap analysis that you can translate into CX initiatives in your organization
  • Methods for creating linkage between CX improvements and financial and customer results
Mohsen Malaki

Managing Partner, Synergy Consulting, UAE

CX Management and Digital Transformation

The role of customer experience in digital transformation (including references to the healthcare and insurance industry)
This Masterclass will focus on:

  • the practical role customer experience plays in your agile teams
  • the difference between CX and UX: how they are the same but operate differently
  • how customer experience can work within a functionally driven programme (not just defects and enhancements)
  • where customer experience fits within your governance and compliance frameworks
  • the correct way to undertake journey mapping and management
  • CX implications for user stories the critical role of the UX writer
  • the essential role of triage and co-creation
  • developing customer sensitive mindset within your product owner teams
  • overview of Cynefin and sensemaker practices in the measurement of customer experience.
Steven Walden

Customer Experience & Continuous Improvement Manager, Motor Insurers' Bureau (MIB) UK, CX Design, VOC and UX Insights expert Author of Customer Experience Management Rebooted.

Seham ElBehissy

General Manager, Digital & Connected Cars at Renault Middle East

Citizen Experience & Social Innovation

Let us not save the next Billion Users!

With a billion people set to come online for the first time in the 18 months, the entire landscape of the internet, and how its used is set to transform. Technology and design firms around the world have been working on understanding and developing products for these users often referring to them as the Next Billion Users.
However, I believe that if we are to design products and services that work in this ever-evolving technological landscape, we need to reframe how we look at, and design for, the Next Billion Users. I will speak about why our current framing is problematic; how we can change it; and how that can help us design experiences

Ali Murtaza

Head of Service Design - Ideate Innovation

Parallel Master Class Sessions
15:10 - 16:40
CX Story Telling

Creating customer-centric companies requires leaders and change practitioners that can communicate their messages to the highest levels. Giving presentations or keynote talks differs if you are in the corporate setting, or in a virtual environment. This workshop:

  • Breaks down the different approaches required for delivering presentations and talks
  • Gives you 4 key components of every great talk/presentation
  • Explains content and structure for your talks
  • Shows how to engage your audience
  • Uncovers how different approaches to voice and language can be used effectively

Great storytellers engage, motivate and inspire others. We all know the good ones and we rarely forget them because of the impact they have on our everyday lives. Some of the greatest business leaders of our time are storytellers and it's one of the most powerful tools in the executive tool box. It's also vital in helping to create customer-centric companies:

  • Understand how great storytelling can be applied to influence and inspire others
  • Learn the 5 core building blocks of a great story which use you can use every time whether you are creating a 2 minute point or as part of a longer business conversations or indeed being on the conference podium
  • Apply new thinking and techniques to create your own story to apply in whatever setting you choose to wow your audience
Jeremy Nicholas

Broadcaster, Host of The After Dinner Show and Virtual Presentations Coach

Customer Experience World Games

Customer Experience World Games - GCC Launch
For the first time, we bring the Customer Experience World GamesTM to the GCC. Launched in response to Covid-19, Limetropy brought the global CX community together to positively compete in teams to solve real challenges for real organisations looking for ways to improve experiences for their customers, employees, communities, and society in general. The Customer Experience World Games (CXWG) were created. Each team tackled a series of CX challenges judged by a panel of world-class experts who assessed the entries to find winners. All entries were passed to those who proposed them to help them make a difference to their customers.
Following the success, the spirit of the games lives in. We are bringing the games to you at the GCC to test your CX skills in teams to solve a real challenge for a needy cause, to be announced at the Customer Experience World Games.
Take the opportunity to network and collaborate with peers in teams, learn new ideas and compete to win as you take on a CXWG challenge proposed specifically for GCC delegates.
Win or lose, you get to take back all ideas which will prove useful for you to pass on. Take the CXWG challenge and discover how your CX skills can make a real difference.

Christopher Brooks

MD Clientship CX & Limetropy Founder of the Customer Experience World Games

Citizen Experience Design Masterclass

Quality of life correlates to the quality of government services and policies. Citizen Experience explores how to improve public sector using the power of design and innovation
In this masterclass, Public sector leaders, and CX practitioners will learn how to apply various design practices to introduce better policies, services, and strategies to transform into an innovative government

Topics covered:

  • Introduction about Citizen Experience trends and drivers
  • The Landscape of Public Sector Innovation and Design practices
  • How Government Innovation labs can play a major role in improving Citizen Experience
  • Develop a framework to transform government agencies into a citizen-centered organisations
Turki Fageera

Managing Partner, Innovation Design, TAMx Studio

CX Recognition

Session 1
Creating a customer-centric company is not enough, it never has been. Get you and your company recognized and accelerate P&L impact
So many great things happen in companies that go unnoticed. Unnoticed by the workforce, unnoticed by the customers, unnoticed by the CEO. The impact of silo driven structures and disjointed communication processes means great progress often goes unregistered.
If customers are not aware of experiential improvement then they cannot react. The experience you create is effectively your brand promise and it needs to be recognized. Thats before you even begin to look at the effects on employee engagement that internal recognition can have on your organisation.
This session explores methods companies can use to accelerate customer awareness in a believable and compelling way in a world where traditional marketing communication is not effective enough.
Great experience plus Accelerated Recognition = Fast Track to Great Results!

Session 2
The Science and Process of winning awards.
Winning awards and the recognition it creates can significantly impact you and your company's reputation as well as enhancing your career. This workshop is not a replacement for delivering great CX but it is designed to help companies be justly recognised for the value they have delivered:

  • Understand the ROI and business impact that recognition creates
  • Learn how to showcase your capability in the best possible way for wards events
  • Create strategies that enables your colleagues to understand the value CX is creating
  • Learn approaches to benchmark your company so it has every opportunity to be recognised as performing amongst the worlds best

Mark Hamill, Chief Executive Officer, ARCET Global
Richard Kennedy, Chief Operating Officer, ARCET Global

ROI and Financial Impact

The main goal of every executive is to provide sustainable business success. Executives intuitively see the alignment between the quality of customer experience and commercial results, but frequently they are numbers driven, and lack "bullet-proof" financial evidence that CX is vital for their business. Otherwise compelling CX initiatives are all too frequently taken by other priorities like efficiency improvement or cost cutting. The goal of this masterclass is to build strong financial evidence of the vital importance of CX for your business and create alignment between the goals of CX team and other key functions of the organization, including top management. Topics covered:

  • Develop a framework to build business cases for customer and employee experience
  • Align the goals of CX and other key functions within the organisation
  • Knowledge bites/business cases mixed with intensive and interactive group work (20% theory, 80% practice)
  • Practical implementation frameworks
Olga Guseva

Co-author of "Customer Experience" No 1 bestseller on Amazon

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