Shweta Srivastava

Chief Customer Experience Officer, Tata CLiQ

Visionary Leader with 23 years’ experience in performing diverse & cross functional roles in the field of Customer Experience.

As Chief Customer Experience at Tata CLiQ , I am playing a key strategic and operational leadership role, responsible for designing, and implementing strategies, to bring the customer to the centre of everything the organisation does.

I am passionate about meeting new people, understanding their behavior and being involved in creating pathbreaking solutions to raise the bar for customer experience.

My journey in the space of customer experience and digital technology began with working for yatra.com in 2006. Since then, I have held multiple leadership position in the eCommerce space. In my current role as a Chief Customer Experience Officer at Tata CLiQ, I focus on designing and implementing strategies to promote a customer-centric attitude throughout the organization while achieving operational excellence.

I strive to follow policies and processes that support both company and customer success.

Create short and long-term roadmaps with the company vision in mind
Be the voice of customer within the organisation
Change business processes for higher efficiency and customer delight
Challenge the status quo and Influence stakeholders to ensure customer satisfaction
Provide thought leadership to deliver customer satisfaction, advocacy, and loyalty.
Over the years, I have developed a leadership style that inspires and motivates. I practice autonomous leadership principles that promote independence, adaptability and trust along with purpose and mastery. I have been awarded Customer Experience Team’ of year at CX Strategy Summit and Awards 2022 and also recognized amongst Top 100 CX leaders for exemplary initiatives and innovation in World CX Summit in 2022.

My continuous passion for delivering customer experience is driven by a desire to contribute to technology revolution.

In addition, I also head Business Excellence, Ethics and Sustainability Initiatives for Tata CLiQ. I passionately work towards women empowerment, mentoring women to progress in leadership roles and have built inclusive teams. I am an active volunteer in Tata Group’s affirmative action and sustainability initiatives.