Turki AlSakran

Turki AlSakran is Saudi national senior entrepreneur and business leader with more than 20 years of extensive successful experiences in different regions including UK, US, China and Saudi in different sectors including Information and Communication Technology, Defense and Security, Government Consultancy, Environment Care and Recycling, Operations, Media, Banking and others representing mega international leaders in their domains such as Huawei, HPE, Averda International, Maximus Gulf, Olayan Group, Xerox, BAE Systems, Security Control Company, Arab National Bank, Mercedes and others. He is a pioneer of CX Technologies in Saudi Arabia and Middle East bridging the gap between local customers and top international vendors and partners. Currently leading Delight, a leading CX partner in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.

All Sessions by Turki AlSakran

DAY THREE June 9, 2022
DAY TWO June 8, 2022
12:40 - 13:00

CASE STUDY : CX Digital Transformation

DAY ONE June 7, 2022