Sindhu Sreenath

Sindhu Sreenath

  • Managing Director, @@QuestionPro, EMEA

Sindhu Sreenath is a technology ambassador with 14+ years of industry experience specializing in scaling businesses, driving go-to-market strategies, and building high-performance teams and products. She has created and scaled sales, marketing, technical, and product development teams to manage the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and Turkey regions. As the EMEA Managing Director at QuestionPro, she governs the P&L business operations. Sindhu is a Forrester-certified CX leadership professional with a proven track record of success in improving customer experiences and implementing strategies to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. She has successfully designed and implemented highly integrated customer experience transformation projects for top regional clients who are leaders in the enterprise, government, and SME segments. She has been a catalyst for change and innovation in growth leadership, customer experience strategies, and product development, delivering successful experience transformation initiatives and programs for the public and private sectors across the region.

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DAY TWO May 17, 2023
DAY ONE May 16, 2023
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