Heba Al Nabulsi

Heba Al Nabulsi

  • Director of Solution Ambassadors & Consultants@@Emplifi

With over a decade of experience in integrated communications and social media, Heba is a seasoned expert in end-to-end project leadership, specializing in social media strategy and market intelligence for high-profile brands and agencies. What sets her apart is her passion for turning social media data into actionable strategies and success stories that drive real business impact.

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فعاليات اليوم الثاني May 17, 2023
فعاليات اليوم الأول May 16, 2023
DAY TWO May 17, 2023
09:45 - 10:00

CASE STUDY : The modern customer experience: Infinite, empathetic, frictionless

DAY ONE May 16, 2023