About E3

Benefits of participation
  • Learn from both local and international companies with both success and failure stories. What can we learn and do differently?
  • Learn the latest next practice ideas
  • Hear about the new certification programme designed as the most far reaching of its kind in the world
  • Understand new trends emerging and how to create your own roadmap to differentiate your company rather than follow the herd
  • Participate in industry specific event streams to share and explore challenges specific to your sector
  • Network with executives from local and international companies, tech and service specialists, innovators and futurists, career advisors to help plan your future
  • Listen to enthusiastic panelists debating and challenging the most import topics of the day
  • Get together and discuss some of the core opportunities and issues faced by the industry

E3 - Why are we unique?

Too many events

  • Focus on showcasing case studies from their own organisation which do not challenge the status quo.
  • Give examples that are not relevant to your region.
  • Focus on best practice, not next practice
  • Tell you what to do not how to do it.

We aspire to be different!

Our agenda is designed to
  • Showcase new ideas and next practice thinking that delegates can take away and directly implement back into their organisations.
  • Share ideas that are relevant to the region and will resonate with you.