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The E3 CX Conference is a 3-day event bringing together CX experts and industry leaders from the region and beyond to connect, build relationships and discuss the most important topic currently faced in the CX world.

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Making customer centricity your game changer

22 - 24 March 2022

CX Thought leaders & speakers

Abdullah M. Albahouth
Razan Mohammed AlMazroo
Abdulaziz Alshamsan
Dr. Ghada Ahmed Al-Drees
Mohammed Aljedae
Eng. Rayan Samman
Feras J. Ahmed
Naseem Almulla
Badar Khan
William O’Neill
Dr. Sobhi Sulieman Agha
Turki AlSakran
Alya Sairafi
Dr. Duaa Abaoud
Ehsan Bin-Abdullah
Areej AlShaibani
Yash Sultania
Mohamed Ibrahim
Othmane Oubrahim
Piotr Lysak
Mithil Ajmera
Codin Caragea
Ranya Yahya
Guil Rodrigues
Waseem Yafi
Dr Shadi AlSwairki
Dr Ammar Attar
Adam Lawrence
Craig Lee


Following a successful virtual inaugural edition in 2020, the upcoming E3 customer experience conference moves to KSA by popular demand. Set to showcase both regional and international CX success stories, the Middle Eastern CX community will connect with international practitioners to drive thought leadership, gain certification and discuss innovative strategies.


Missed the 2020 edition?

Re-visit last year's inaugural conference as you plan and prepare.

Preliminary programme

The full conference agenda is underway – stay tuned for updates

Registration and networking coffee

08:30 - 09:00 Networking area

Welcome remarks

Delivered by Dr. Fahad Al Twaijry, Director, Ejtemaat Events MENA LLC

09:00 - 09:05 Main conference area

Opening remarks: Can GCC become a customer centricity power house?

09:05 - 09:20 Main conference area

Redefining customer experience in the Kingdom


Abdullah M. Albahouth, General Manager of Insurance Excellence, General Organization for Social Insurance, KSA

09:20 - 09:40 Main conference area

Introducing the conference theme: Making customer centricity your business game changer


Charles Bennett, President & Founding Board Member, CXSA Middle East

09:40 - 09:50 Main conference area

The VIP Government Panel: Broadening the horizon of citizen-centricity

GCC regional governments and business leaders are positioning their organizations to be key players in the world economy. People's happiness, innovation and digital excellence are established priorities. All organisations undertaking this level need to seriously reflect on their progress at both a macro and micro level.

This debate evaluates how citizen-centricity has the ability to impact entire countries & nations? How are we doing so far? How long is the journey? What are the pitfalls and lessons learnt? Is it enough to have robust systems & governance in place or do we need to change behaviors & mindset by building passion, skill & confidence? What Is the ROI of Citizen experience?


Abdulaziz Alshamsan, Executive Director General CX, Ministry of Human Resource & Social Development, KSA
Dr. Duaa Abaoud - Ministry of Municipality & Rural Affairs
Feras J. Ahmed, Chief Executive Officer, Silah Gulf
Moderator: Essam A Almmar- Associate Professor, King Saud University

09:50 - 10:30 Main conference area

Case study: Presented by Qualtrics

Experience Transformation: How organisations win at CX in the 2020s

- Hear our latest research on what consumers expect from brands in the next decade
- Understand unstructured data and why it's critical to brands to remain CX leaders
- See the technology enabling brands to analyse and act on vast amounts of customer feedback


William O Neill, General Manager, Qualtrics Middle East, UAE

10:30 - 10:50 Main conference area

Keynote: Why Customer Experience isn’t enough in 2022?

More than 90% of companies believe that Customer Experience is a business priority. Whilst rapid progress has undoubtedly been made, there are still many challenges. Building a customer centric organisation is a very different proposition to implementing good (operational) customer experience. Customer centricity challenges traditional service excellence at every level. It impacts strategy, culture, people, systems, structure, insight, process, performance measures etc. It requires a shift in culture, mindset & capability.
In this keynote we speak about the difference between customer experience and centricity. We will assess the implications of genuine customer-centricity for GCC markets. How do we get started on this journey? We will elaborate on the foundations of building a truly customer-centric organisation.


Codin Caragea - Head of Customer Experience, Bank Muscat

10:50 - 11:10 Main conference area

Networking coffee break

11:10 - 11:30 Networking area

Panel discussion: What is the ROI of VOC? Qualitative vs Quantitative Research

Voice of Customer (VOC) programmes seem to garner the most attention, especially in the GCC region where VOC is seen as the silver bullet to the success of all Customer Experience Transformation programmes. What are the common pitfalls of relying solely on structured feedback mechanisms such as surveys and quantitative data? Should there be a focus instead on qualitative research to yield richer results? How is that scaleable and easily structured?

In this session, listen to 2 teams debate about the use of structured, quantitative, research vs the more unstructured, human-centred research?


Mohammed Al Jedae, Director of Customer Experience Monitoring and Management, KSA Government
Dr. Ghada Ahmed Al-Drees, Customer Experience Measurement Director, Ministry of Culture, KSA

11:30 - 12:15 Main conference area

Case study: Presented by Teleperformance

12:15 - 12:35 Main conference area

The business case & ROI for Customer Experience needs to get stronger

Companies experience projects should be easy to justify. They have the potential to create business performance in the context of revenue, cost and service that supersedes traditional service excellence approaches. The challenge is that many of these ROI factors are difficult to quantify in advance.
This session examines the new approaches to ROI and Business Case Impact measurement emerging. We will define how revenue impact can be quantified in advance and will look at how to ensure projections are validated to obtain wide ranging support from the C-Suite.


Craig Lee, Director Strategy & Transformation, Customer Experience Group

12:35 - 12:55 Main conference area

Case study: Presented by Verint

12:55 - 13:15 Main conference area

Networking lunch

13:15 - 14:15 Networking area

Keynote: Service Design: Keeping your CX promise

“Brand is the promise you make. CX is the promise you keep. But service design is how you keep that promise.”

When we hear the words “service design” (or worse, “design thinking”), we often imagine workshops with sticky notes. But that’s a completely misleading image to apply to this robust, effective, and fast-growing discipline – one which builds business success by bridging the gap between understanding our users, customers and employees, and actually delivering what they need.

Service design goes far deeper than other emerging formats such like “design sprints”. It is a rigorous & continuous loop of research and visualisation, ideation, prototyping, and implementation, It addresses both “front stage” and “back stage” issues, looking at desirability, feasibility, and viability – and decreasing risk by learning forwards in loops similar to scientific method.
It takes practice to hone the art of designing innovative services, & experiences. But it also requires a change of mindset. It asks us to move away from our desks & “get our hands dirty”. It needs us to involve more than just the "design department”, using a collection of tools and methods that are approachable for a wide range of stakeholders. As we go, we spread the message that great experience is everyone’s business.

In this keynote, we will learn about the fundamentals of service design, design thinking, human-centred design (or whatever you call it) and explore common myths & pitfalls. We will discuss the key skills, mindsets & behaviours needed to actually design meaningful products, services & experiences that are financially viable and technically feasible.


Adam Lawrence, Adjunct Professor, IE Business School, Best selling Author & Educator

14:15 - 14:35 Main conference area

Welcome & opening remarks from the Conference chairman

09:00 - 09:10 Main conference area

Keynote: Changing mindsets - The toughest leadership journey

The fast adoption of innovative technology combined with empathy and a focus on delivering incredible results has set a high bar in the minds of today’s consumers. Take examples such as Apple, AirBnB, Uber - these services have led to consumers having higher expectations in terms of benchmarking quality service. As mentioned above, simply having great technology or an excellent user interface isn't enough to make your company stand out from the others. Empowering your staff with the tools they need is also just as important!


Razan Al Mazroo, Innovation & Service Design Director, Digital Government Authority, KSA

09:10 - 09:30 Main Conference Area

Keynote: Should the CEO be the ultimate champion for customer-centricity?

Rethinking customer-centricity in the new world

- Is Customer Experience the topmost discipline for high performing companies?
- What are the biggest challenges in becoming Customer Centric? How do you solve them?


Eng Rayyan Samman, Group Chief Experience Officer, Saudi German Hospitals, KSA

09:30 - 09:50 Main conference area

Case study: Presented by Oracle

09:50 - 10:10 Main conference area

Panel discussion: CX in the boardroom - In the Hot Seat

Is Customer Experience the topmost discipline for high performing companies?
Should the CEO be the ultimate champion for customer-centricity? What are the biggest challenges in becoming Customer Centric? How do you solve them?

Hear from Business Leaders in the GCC region & International experts as they answer some of the most pertinent questions that challenge Customer Experience.


Dr. Sobhi Sulieman Agha - Group Chief Marketing officer, SAB Investment
Stefan Osthaus, President, Customer Institute
Osama Redaian - Head of Operations, Bupa Arabia
Mohammed AlDossary - SVP, Head of Customer Experience, Riyad Bank
Sanjeev Aggarwal - General Manager Business Excellence, CX & Digital Transformation, Petromin Express

Moderator: Charles Bennett, President, Customer Experience & Service Association, Middle East

10:10 - 10:55 Main conference area

Case study: Presented by Globitel

10:55 - 11:15 Main conference area

The state of the industry review. What worked? What hasn’t? What to look out for?

Technology disruption is at an all-time high and continues to exponentially grow in its capabilities especially with the advent of AI & IoT. The speed of change and the speed of advancement in technology is rising exponentially.
Whilst this is exciting, it also presents a challenge: Technology is foreseen as a game changer but can technology, on its own, enable you to solve today’s challenges, out-do competition & drive growth.

In this session, learn how adaptive, rather than prescriptive or pre-defined technology can help to create meaningful impact for organisations by aligning into processes, systems & people.

11:15 - 11:30 Main conference area

Panel discussion: Setting Digital Standards & the importance of UX & UI education

Most, if not all, services are either partially or fully digital in nature. Customer Experience, on the other hand, looks at the entire, end to end, customer journey which includes digital, physical and social interactions. The panel discusses the importance for CX professionals to understand the fundamentals of UX and UI design to seamlessly integrate when dealing with digital and more technical personnel and to better understand the limitations, boundaries and opportunities that digital interactions provide.


Waseem Yafi, CX and Digital Sales & Marketing Advisor, Alfanar
Guil Rodrigues, AVP CX & Design Lead, First Abu Dhabi Bank
Ehsan bin Abdullah, Head of B2B Customer Experience Lifecycle Design Sec, STC

11:30 - 12:15 Main conference area

Delivering True Omnichannel Customer Experience - The Right Way!


Yash Sultania, CEO, Survey2Connect

12:15 - 12:35 Main conference area

Networking coffee break

12:35 - 13:05 Main conference area

Case study

13:05 - 13:35 Main conference area

Government panel: Serving guests & visitors of the future (Hajj and Umrah sector focus)

The world of Hajj & Umrah is changing quickly, it’s a one-of-a-kind event & experience with its unique set of challenges & complexities. We know change is accelerating and options for new technology and innovation are simply vast. The biggest challenge is at a much more practical level.
How can you create a harmonised experience for guests with diverse nationalities, language, culture & customs. Hajj is a mass experience, rather than a personalised one, which creates its own unique challenges when it comes to serving guests and visitors. Should we adopt a more human-centered approach with an emphasis on hospitality and care to build lasting memories for guests/pilgrims?


Mohammed Al Jedaie - Director of CX Monitoring & Management SDAIA, KSA
Dr Ammar Attar - Vice Dean for Academic Development & Community Service, Umm Al Qura University, KSA
Dr Hassan Somili - Assistant Professor & Head of Marketing Department, Imam Muhammad ibn Saud Islamic University

13:35 - 14:20 Main conference area

Case study by: Delight CX


Turki AlSakran, CEO, Delight, KSA

14:20 - 14:40 Main conference area

Networking lunch

14:40 - 15:40 Networking area

Keynote: CX Leadership 2.0 your transformation roadmap

Becoming a true customer experience leader requires so much more beyond traditional CX tools and management skills of planning, organization, direction and control. Tomorrow's leaders need to know how to motivate, inspire and involve, drive innovation, transform processes and technology. In addition, these leaders need well-honed people skills around change management, selling ideas, storytelling, facilitation, people engagement. In fact, we all need to learn how to become a role model to drive customer-centric transformation.

This session helps you to:
· chart your own personal development journey · get access to good value resources and tools, both locally and from around the world, to help you accelerate your journey and become the best you aspire to be.

15:40 - 16:00 Main conference area

Registration & networking

Signature programmes, in parallel:

- Customer Experience Foundation Certification (English)
- Customer Experience Foundation Certification (Arabic)
- Customer Service Foundation Certification
- Improv & Theatrical Methods in CX Design Workshop
- CX Story Workshop

08:00 - 08:30 Networking Area

CXSA Certified Customer Experience Foundation Programme (Available in English and Arabic)

1 Day programme
The Customer Experience and Service Association Middle East (CXSA) is delighted to offer the first customer centricity education certification, designed specifically for people and organisations in the Middle East.
The CXSA education series consists of 12 core competencies split into the following streams:

- Core skills covered in the Practitioner Certification
- Structural skills covered in the Masters Certification
- People skills covered in the Leaders Certification
- Executive support skills covered in the Champion Certification
- Extended skills covered in the Specialist Signature Series

The CXSA Foundation Certification is designed for:
- Practitioners who are already in customer centricity positions and want to gain an understanding of advanced next practice CX skills emerging.
- New entrants who need a road map through every competency necessary to creating a customer centric organization.

Foundation is a one day workshop aimed at orienting staff into the core components critical to building a customer-centric company, so change thinking and approaches are understood and supported. We recommend all staff in companies looking to become customer centric undertake this workshop.
The workshop gives delegates a Certified CX Foundation Qualification.
Delegates will also create their personal development roadmap to deliver against career aspirations.

Agenda includes the following topics
- Defining Customer Centricity versus Customer Experience
- Business impact with supporting case studies
- Core competencies for creating a customer centric company
- Best practice versus next practice
- Outcome based thinking
- Customer Journey Mapping
- VOC, Research and Insights
-Your role and roadmap

Arabic programme to be led by:
Nisreen Al Shami, Trainer, Gallup Coach, Facilitator, KSA

English programme to be led by:
Charles Bennett President & Founding Board Member, Customer Experience Service Association Middle East (CXSA)
Hassan Mohammad Chief Knowledge & Innovation Officer/Founding Board Member, CXSA Middle East

Certification by CXSA for all those who attend this workshop and complete the online assessment exercise based on a real world case study in the last 2 ½ hours of the workshop to gain your certification.

9:15 - 16:30

CXSA Certified Customer Service Foundation Programme Delivering Customer Service for Practical and Significant Impact

1 Day programme
After one negative experience, 51% of customers will never do business with that company again. In U.S. alone companies lose more than $62 billion due to poor service.
Yet increasing customer retention rates by 5% increases profits up to 95%.

Good service is no longer enough - companies that want to succeed need to be outstanding and remain so - forever!

This premier Certified Customer Service Programme is designed to build on the latest thinking and techniques. It is inspirational and highly participative supported by wide range of examples and case studies.

Part 1
- Next Practice Foundations
- Practical Impact
- Real World Challenges
- Definitions

Part 2 - Competitive Environment
- Characteristics of High Performers
- Customer Service Strategies
- I.S.E.R.V.E. Customer Service Model
- 7 Step Customer Service Strategy

Part 3
- Building a Customer Service Culture
- Alignment to Customer Experience Strategy
- Goal Setting & Performance Measures
- Recruiting your team
- Tools & Techniques
- Building Authority & Influence
- Performance Feedback

Workshop led by: Raquel Perez Nolla, Founder of Culture of Excellent Service, Coach and Trainer, Spain
Certification by: CXSA for all those who attend this workshop and complete the online assessment and workshop case study exercises.

09:15 - 16:30

Creating a deep understanding and actionable insights to CXManagement & Customer Centric CX Design.

Half day programme

CXStoryTM has been developed by script writers, consultants and trainers who have;

- Written Hollywood feature films and TV series
- Worked as story editors for film and TV production companies
- Written corporate videos, brochures and sales and marketing scripts for Global brands, including Accenture, Kraft, Heinz, Federal Reserve Bank....
- Written brand materials, proposal documents and sales & contact centre scripts
- CXStoryTM want to work with you to impart our specialist knowledge and give you training and support to enable you to build bridges between people, grow your reputation, relationships, and influence.
- We will show you how to master your compelling CXStoryTM.....

During this session you will learn:
- The fundamentals of storytelling in business. When and where to apply to deliver maximum impact to your messages
- How to structure a business story using approaches that work for every type of business scenario
- Takeaway added-value ideas that will add impact your messaging and ideas
Workshop led by:
Eddie Rattray, Chief Executive ValuGenie and Hollywood Script Writer

09:00 - 12:30

TOOL STUDY & EXERCISE WORKSHOP OPEN THE STAGE: Improv and theatrical methods in CX design

Half day programme
Designers are often thought of as problem solvers & solution creators. Historically, they have been left to their own devices, “thinking up" creative solutions for someone else to implement. But this “agency" model is now seen as increasingly outdated, risky and ineffective. Instead, a designer’s job today is to co-design with stakeholders – understanding them, and building solutions with them. Today, we design "with, not for."

This requires specific skills in facilitation, as well as suitable tools. In this presentation, we will look at how tools from theatre – such as rehearsal, improvisation, and dramatic arcs – are used to successfully understand needs, then envision & prototype how real services are delivered. We will even try some, live in the room.

Workshop led by:
Adam Lawrence, Adjunct Professor at IE Business School, Best selling Author & Educator

13:30 - 16:00

Showcase your CX solutions

Customer-centric solutions are integral to the development of an ultimately improved marketplace. Enjoy like-minded conversations and networking with an engaging audience of CX professionals under one roof, and ensure your efforts are recognized. A selection of sponsorship and branding opportunities are available to highlight your brand.

Hear directly from the E3 community

This workshop comes highly recommended from me! Two days of excellent course content by 4 very knowledgeable speakers Ruth Evans MBE, Louise Blunt, Charles Bennett, Hassan Mohammad, CCXP, RTP”
Sharon Boyd
Chief Customer Experience Officer at MKL Innovation
“I am humbled to have completed Customer Service Strategist Certification & now officially a CXSA Certified CX Practitioner. I sincerely extend my sincere thanks to my award leader Ms. Raquel Perez Nolla & of course the founder of this elite consortium Mr. Charles Bennett & Knowledge & Innovation officer Mr. Hassan Mohammad.”
Anish Ramakrishna Kurup
Manager - Marketing & Partnerships (Global Business Development Department) at UAE Exchange
“Very unique two days workshop enriched with Knowledge, Exercise, and Assessments for the best international practices and tools to manage a Great Patient Experience.”
Dr. Shadi AlSwairki
Head of Hospital Service at Bupa Arabia
“Taking E3’s 2022 edition to Riyadh prepares the Middle Eastern customer experience community to greater heights following the successful virtual conference last year. We’re excited to make some major event announcements of speakers and programme very soon, stay tuned.”
Charles Bennett
President & Founding Board Member at CXSA Middle East, UK

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15+ hours of speaker insights
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Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


22 - 24 March 2022


08:00 - 16:00